Phonix is a free music player for macOS based on CogX.

{ Spread the word, there is a new player in town }

Download Phonix for macOS

Phonix-6b25.dmg ~15 mb, for 10.11+ - September 2018: This will be one of the last versions for 10.11+ ~66 mb - Needs Xcode 9 ~2 mb - Phonix iPhone Remote source - Needs Xcode 9

Phonix-7b27.dmg ~17 mb, for 10.13+ 16 September 2018 ~82 mb - Phonix Swift 4.2 source code - Needs Xcode 10


  • High quality samplerate switching audio engine
  • AU Effect unit processing over HTTP Stream or normal playback
  • K-Meter unit
  • Waveform display and position slider
  • Color adjustable interface
  • HTTP Stream recording (Record button is only visible when playing HTTP Streams)
  • Gapless playback
  • Autoplay (resume play at last playback position on startup of Phonix
  • Statusmenu transport and volume buttons
  • MusicBrainz online metadata and album search and embedding into playlist entries
  • Internet radio station search via SHOUTcast API & CuteRadio API
  • Remote Control with PhonixRemote
  • Supported audio formats:

    ogg, flac, mp4, m4a, aiff, wav, mp3, caf, ape, mod, xm, it, s3m, shn, mpc

    Powered by SHOUTcast:

    Phonix contains the following 3rd party components:

    SFBAudioEngine from S.Booth

    K-Meter component from M.Zuther

    TagLib framework

    StreamKit from tumtumtum

    MMTabBarView from Mimo42

    WAYWindow from weAreYeah

    GCWindowMenu from graham

    ImageTextCell from Ludovic Marcotte

    LadSlider from Alexandr Lapshin